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Annie Amerika is a non-profit organization that was created out of love and respect for a disabled Vietnam Veteran, my late husband John. I was lucky to have spent 30 years with the love of my life, who was  also the most patriotic man I have ever met. John always put the flag out in the morning and took it down again at night. He felt it was disrespectful when seeing a worn or tattered flag.


In the spring of 2010 John and I planned a trip across America. We would be visiting long lost family members, national parks and the Vietnam Memorial Wall.  Along the way he wanted to replace worn and tattered American flags at no cost to the homeowners.  We planned to leave for this trip of a lifetime in the summer of 2011.


On November 7, 2010 John was killed instantly in a vehicle accident... my life also ended when he was ripped from my heart.  Time moved slowly, and I felt like my life was nothing more than a dark cloud hovering overing me.  I felt the need to honor John and help myself to start healing my heart. So I started planning "our" trip across our great country. I bought a camper van and asked local civic groups for donations to help purchase stitched American made, American flags.


On June 9, 2012 I left North Central Washington on a 10,889 mile, 32 state quest to give away 70 full size American flags to complete strangers. "Flags for America" 2012 spread John's patriotism as well as started healing my heart. The complete story is in my book "I Pledge Allegiance: A Veteran's Dream" available on Amazon.


I decided that spreading patriotism one flag at a time was something that I needed to continue doing. I got a business license and filed for and received tax exemption status, federal non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization status.  All donations are tax exempt!


This past summer (2014) I started planning my next venture to give away American flags to strangers who are flying tattered or worn American flags.


Annie Amerika is a name I use instead of my real name because I want the flags to represent the sacrifices that veterans have made and still make to keep us free. I did not want the focus on me.  Some people have asked me why I spell America with a k. Actually when I was researching for a name to use I found that Annie America was used in both email accounts and on FaceBook so I became creative (not disrespectful) and came up with Annie Amerika.

A non-profit organization
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